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This page will contain information about Migraine

Migraine is a name given to an unpleasant group of head pains characterised by nausea, visual disturbances and severe pain across the forehead and around the back of the eyes. It is often triggered by foods such as cheese or red wine.

From a Shiatsu perspective it stems from an excess of energy rising up into the head along a particular meridian. The imbalance stems from life factors such as stress, frustration, resentment, excessive responsibility, overwork, too many decisions or one that can't be made. In variably there will be an underlying deficiency arising from worry, anxiety, lack of support, giving too much support or an emotional distress of some kind. The deficiency allows an excess to build up in another meridian. You will find exactly these same words on the page about stress. The symptoms or condition depend entirely on where the imbalance manifest most strongly.