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This page will contain information about depression, however depression is considered to be a serious illness and I will strongly recommend that you seek conventional medical treatment, if you are not already receiving it, as well as shiatsu treatment

I have found shiatsu to be of great benefit to all those who have come to me saying they are 'depressed'. Most have been on anti-depressants. In two cases the clients had been diagnosed by their GPs, they were clearly not depressed, one was grieving and the other was simply frustrated Shiatsu works on the natural energy in the body and I have always found that people who are 'depressed' exhibit a similar manifestation of acute lack of energy in their core meridian - one that is associated with passion, vitality and self worth. It is relatively easy to rebalance and then the clients can start to work on changing their life patterns and identifying what caused the deficiency.

If you would like help I suggest you phone me and I'll tell you more about the treatment